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We sell only the best quality modafinil by Teva Pharmaceuticals and proud of the fact that we provide quality pharmaceutical-grade European modafinil and not any generic drug made in India. Buy modafinil online here at iModaf.

Is it legal to buy modafinil where I live?

Many countries sell Modafinil over the counter whereas others require a doctor’s prescription.  We leave it up to you to check up on your local laws regarding purchasing modafinil online without a prescription.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a legal medicine that is licenced in most countries around the world for the treatment for narcolepsy in adults. Buy Modafinil (Modiodal Provigil) Online | iModaf

You can buy modafinil in a generic form, or as the branded version named Provigil in the United States and Modiodal Europe.
Both are identical and now produced by Teva Pharmaceuticals which acquired Cephalon. Despite this, some patients prefer to use cheap generics made in India.

Read about authentic modafinil and the chemicals produced in India.

Modafinil helps those with narcolepsy to stay awake. It isn’t fully understood how it works yet, but it’s thought to stimulate a part of the brain and affect several neurotransmitters, especially those that are involved with sleep and wakefulness. However, one theory about modafinil is that it increases the amount of dopamine – a chemical that’s responsible for regulating sleep and wakefulness.

Whilst the mechanism of modafinil isn’t completely understood, what we do know is that it significantly reduces feelings of sleepiness and fatigue, meaning that those struggling with narcolepsy can lead a normal life without as many sleep attacks. [Read more]

Teva acquires Cephalon for $ 6.8 billion

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