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Some common sense

iModaf bried company history

Don’t buy junk. Make your health a priority.

A brief description and history of a company that offered something THAT WAS and still is too good to be true.

Based in Europe sells Modiodal which is identical to Provigil in the United States.  The only difference is the naming of the product. – Buy European Teva Original Brand Name Modafinil Online. 

The dark period

Before arriving on the scene, online Modafinil buyers that wanted to purchase modafinil but could not buy the highest grade pharmaceutical product whether it be its off-limits price tag or lack of other means were compelled to either:

1) pay exorbitant prices for a lab test to test what the pills contained.

2) play Russian roulette with their health.   Thankfully arrived on the scene.

Unfortunately, most online buyers did the latter and with the long-term consequences still unknown to us today, it remains to be seen what the science will reveal in several more years! It’s known amongst the community that the so-called generics have caused harm in certain individuals via the ingestion of contaminated pills.

Often batches of the Indian pills are underdosed, contain ephedrine hydrochloride, not Modafinil, and many batches were laced with toxic chemicals and fillers which gives them that chalky texture.

Non FDA Approved

There’s a reason the authentic products that the top entrepreneurs, military, astronauts, and fighter pilots use vary tremendously in cost…..

Brace yourself:

Modafinil price from
Modiodal Price

We are a viable, cost-effective alternative to the rest of the sites buying stock from clandestine labs and selling the same cheap shoddy generic products manufactured under questionable circumstances from the world’s most impoverished regions. This describes what many have attested to by highlighting the discrepancies found as no batch is identical to the previous one.

The Launch

iModaf launches (unfortunately during the onset of the covid-19 pandemic).  “

The new kid on the block” as one TrustPilot reviewer proclaimed.  He gave us the full whammy in terms of stars.  (To satisfy the curious). 😉